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Processing Compliments and Complaints

Date: March 20, 2019

JCBA Section 22.C

When the Company receives a complimentary letter and the Flight Attendant who is the subject of the compliment is clearly identified, the Company will notify her/him and place the complementary  letter in their personnel file.

However, the Company shall NOT place a complaint report into a Flight Attendant’s personnel file unless the following conditions are met:

  • The Flight Attendant who is the subject of the complaint is clearly identified; and
  • The report complains about events or matters over which the Flight Attendant had control; and
  • The Flight Attendant is notified of the complaint report, and provided an opportunity to review an original copy of the complaint and attach relevant comments; and
  • The name of the person writing such a report or letter is clearly identified

All complimentary and complaint letters will be removed at the first opportunity from the Flight Attendant’s file after a period of twelve (12) months of active service from the date of their receipt, provided there have been no other complaint letters during that period. In the event other complaint letters are received at any time during the twelve (12) months, the letters will be retained in the file until such time that there is a twelve (12) month period of active service with no complaint letters received. In the event discipline is imposed, the complaint letter(s) used as a basis for the discipline will remain in the Flight Attendant’s personnel file for the duration of the discipline.

Contact your Local Council Grievance Committee if you have questions on this process.

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