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Master Schedule History & eBB Trade History

Date: March 29, 2019

MEC Communications Committee

Recent communication from management regarding illicit trip trades involving the brokering, buying and/or selling of pairings has raised the level of concern for many Flight Attendants.  We’ve received inquiries from Flight Attendants asking how they can learn if their schedules have been misused for the purpose of facilitating these objectionable trades.

Our Trade History can be viewed on the Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB) by clicking on the Market drop down menu and choosing “Trade History”.  Every trade transaction detail will be visible, including dates, time stamps, photos, employee/ file numbers involved, pairing numbers and type of trade.

Additionally, Flight Attendants can view their Master Schedule History by clicking “History” at the top right or the bottom left of your Master Schedule. The Master Schedule History displays details and changes made to our monthly schedule via trading, and changes made by Crew Scheduling.

Flight Attendants needing additional information on Trip Trade procedures and the functionality of Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB) are encouraged to review the specific guides available on our website.

If you have questions about trade activity in either your eBB Trade History or Master Schedule History, we recommend that you contact your Local Council office in order to consult with a Union representative to ensure you understand the trade history you are reviewing before making any assertions that you line has be improperly used.  All questions regarding trip trade functionality should be directed through your Local Council Office.

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