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COMAT Personal Effects Shipping Increases to 750 LBS

Date: April 6, 2019

JCBA Section 17.G.1

Given the recent volume of transfer activity across the system, there have been some questions intended to reconcile the differences between the information contained in the Company Moving & Transfer Packet and the language in Section 17.G.1. as it pertains to the use of space available COMAT.  While Section 17.G.1 provides for the shipment of up to five-hundred (500) pounds of personal items on a space available basis, company policy provides for the shipping of up to seven-hundred & fifty (750) pounds of space available COMAT as stated on the COMAT Authorization form

Note:Because storage space at company air cargo facilities is limited, employees are required to recover their shipments within 48 hours of arrival in order to avoid paying storage charges. United Airlines cannot be responsible for storing personal items beyond 48 hours. 

For questions and additional information see your Local Council Representatives. 

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