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Newark to Delhi – Two Week Suspension of Service Advisory

Date: April 6, 2019

Management has advised, due to seasonal winds and the ongoing closure of Pakistani airspace, United is currently unable to operate flights between EWR and DEL (New Delhi) within contractual parameters. Beginning Friday, April 5, 2019, service will be suspended for two weeks. During this time, management will closely monitor the situation and remain in contact with U.S. government authorities and our international partners. EWR-BOM (Mumbai, India) non-stop service will resume today and is not expected to be disrupted during this interim period.

Given this blanket cancellation through April 18th, Section 7.Q.3., that is, Notice of One or More Calendar Days, is the provision of the Agreement under which reassignments should properly be made. Flight Attendants are not initially being relieved of their responsibility for the EWR -DEL hours for which they will be initially pay protected. Flight Attendants will individually have the option for one of the following under the JCBA:

  1. Make up the time lost on days not originally scheduled to fly in which case her/his line guarantee will be adjusted. She/he will then be relieved of all reassignment responsibilities, or
  2. Make up the time as close as possible to the time lost on days originally scheduled to fly with no loss of pay. She/he will then be relieved of all reassignment responsibilities, or
  3. Be subject to reassignment in accordance with the following:

    a. After 1600 local time the day before check-in of the original trip, the Flight Attendant may contact Crew Scheduling who will advise the Flight Attendant whether she/he is likely to be given a trip assignment.

    b.If she/he chooses to remain subject to reassignment, the Flight Attendant must then contact Scheduling between 1800 – 2200 local time the day before the original trip was scheduled to depart. Scheduling will either reassign the Flight Attendant or relieve him/her of all responsibility with no loss of pay.

    The company plans to have the cancellations through April 18, 2019 updated in Flight Attendant schedules by tomorrow.

    If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council office.

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