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E-Lines: April 09, 2019

Date: April 9, 2019

Spring 2019 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council 

MEC Communications Committee

April 16 - 17, 2019, your Local Council Leaders will attend the Spring 2019 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC). This meeting will be held in Chicago at the Hyatt Rosemont, 6350 N. River Road, Rosemont, IL 60018. Your Local Council President, joined by the 15 other Presidents from around our system, will address the business of our Union and the issues that are important to you.

At the upcoming spring Meeting, the United AFA MEC Officers will provide updates on issues they have been working on since our last regular meeting. During this same meeting, elections for open MEC Committee positions will be conducted. Election information, including qualifications and responsibilities of each available position, are available on the MEC Election Page of our website.


The following MEC Committee members will be elected:


·      MEC Central Schedule Committee (CSC)- 2 

·      MEC Hotel and Transportation Committee  - 2 

·      MEC Safety, Health and Security Committee– 1

·      Negotiating Committee– 3 Members

·      System Board of Adjustment– Member 1

·      System Board of Adjustment – First Alternate– 1

·      System Board of Adjustment - Third Alternate- 1 


We encourage Members to see our democratic process in action by attending your Local Council meetings and, if you are in the Chicago area on April 16-17, 2019 attend the MEC Spring Meeting. Scheduled dates and times for your Local Council meeting and the MEC Meeting agenda are posted on our website as they become available.

Local Council Election Ballots
MEC Communications Committee

Elections for Local Council Officers and Council Representatives are now underway in the following locations; ORD, DEN, SFO, HKG, IAH, CLE and GUM.

If you don not receive your voting instructions within the next week, call AFA-CWA Membership Services at 800-424-2401 ext. 706 to request the ballot be sent to you. For detailed information regarding the voting process, eligibility to vote, step-by-step voting guides and videos visit the AFA election website.

AFA-CWA Local Executive Council elections are important because collectively we determine the representatives for our Local Council who will support every Member of the Local Council. Local Executive Council (LEC) Presidents are Members of the United Master Executive Council (MEC) and AFA's governing Board of Directors (BOD). 

More details about the AFA-CWA Structure is on the UnitedAFA.org website. 

Calculating Maximum Duty Day (When do I go illegal?)
MEC Communications Committee
JCBA Section 6.S.

Often a topic of confusion & discussion is determining our maximum actual duty day and the time at which the door must be closed to remain legal.

To begin to answer these questions, let’s review the maximum duty time legalities found in JCBA Section 6 - Minimum Pay and Credit, Hours of Service, and Contractual Legalities.

Domestic Maximum Duty Time

Duty Period Starting:









High Value Tripp**




The above duty time provisions are based on the Flight Attendant’s Home Domicile Time(HDT).

*Limited to no more than seven hours (7:00) flight time, unless the duty period contains a single segment, in which case the single segment may exceed seven (7:00) hours of flight time; ground time no greater than two hours and thirty minutes (2:30) and no more than one flight segment after a red-eye flight. A redeye flight is one with any portion scheduled to operate from 0200 to 0400, local time.

**A High Value Trip (HVT) shall be limited to a single duty period starting between 0500 and 1859, containing no more than three (3) flight segments with a total flight time of nine hours (9:00) or more.

International Maximum Duty Time

Flight Time including DH

Max Scheduled On Duty

Max Actual On Duty


Multi/Non-Stop up to 8:00






Multi/Non-Stop 8:01 to 12:00






Non-Stop 12:01 or over

Check in + Flight Time + Customs + Debrief

Check in + Flight Time + Customs + Debrief + 3:30


Under no circumstances shall a Flight Attendant be required to remain on duty, without her/his concurrence, in excess of the applicable maximum hours shown in the charts above, including deadheading.

Calculating What Time We Go Illegal

Below is a simple formula that applies to all domestic duty times and all international duty times except the “Non-Stop 12:01 or over” category which displays the calculation in the chart above. 

Maximum Actual Duty Time                        __________________

Subtract Scheduled Duty Time          -        __________________

(This number represents how much time we have to play with before we go illegal)

Add Scheduled Departure Time         +        __________________

Equals Time You Go Illegal               =        __________________


What Time Does the Door Need to be Closed to Remain Legal?  

Subtract the scheduled block to block flight time + debrief time from your “illegal” time calculated above. This is when the aircraft door must be closed to be considered legal.

It can be very helpful to make a note in our Link/ personal phone of the information above so we are confident in our own advocacy when we are faced with legality questions in the operation. 

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council.



Maternity Leave/ Parental Leave/ Adoption Leave 
MEC Communications Committee
JCBA Sections 15.F., G., & H.

United Flight Attendants expecting or planning to have a child naturally or via adoption should be aware that we have industry leading optional time off provisions in the JCBA. Maternity, Parental and Adoption leaves of absence all provide the option to take up to 12 months off.

Reference JCBA Section 15 pages 150-151, the chart on pages 156-157 and the previously published Resolution of MEC 1-18 – Maternity Leave Dispute for more details.

Reports & Feedback Forms + Your Local Council = Ensuring Proper Documentation & Collective Strength
MEC Communications Committee

When all United Flight Attendants use the available report forms & structure, our collective strength can be realized.  

It is strongly recommended that Flight Attendants utilize the Reports & Feedback Forms on the unitedafa.org website prior to venting on social media. Often, the vent on social media ends there, without utilizing the proper channels that can effect change.  At times, the “vent” on social media can be misinterpreted and the outcome may be less than desired.

Flight Attendants are also strongly encouraged to participate in the AFA-CWA structure that begins with the Members who elect their Local Council Officers. Once elected, these representatives at expected to address and advance issues for the Flight Attendants in the local.  Each Flight Attendant has a voice, but it is silent unless she/he utilizes the resources within their own Local Council. 

Please visit the Local AFA Councils page on the unitedafa.org website to get details on your Local Council. 

AFA Census: Take the Census Today!  

The AFA 2019 Census is a project to better understand the demographic make-up of our union, including your aspirations, needs, and preferences. We also want to know in what areas of your community you may already be engaged in making a difference for you, your family, and the place where you live. All of this will help us build power together so we can continue to advance our Flight Attendant careers.

The University of New Hampshire Survey Center (UNHSC) is conducting this very important data gathering effort. You should have received an email last week and possibly a phone call to encourage you to complete the Census. Once you complete the Census, you will not be contacted by UNHSC further. Our contract with UNHSC ensures your information remains confidential within AFA. It does not allow UNHSC to share any of your information with outside organizations. A summary of the final results will be shared with AFA members.

The questions on the census should take you no more than 15 minutes to complete. Please look for an email from "Sara Nelson via UNH" with the subject line "AFA Census – Response Requested." If you haven't received an email or a phone call, you can take the AFA Census here >

Save the Date – This Thursday - April 11 at 1:00 PM CT in Chicago AFA Air Wisconsin Fight for a Fair Contract
AFA-CWA International

Imagine living on a $15,000 salary in some of the most expensive cities in the country. 

Unfortunately, this is reality for our AFA Sisters and Brothers at Air Wisconsin. They are struggling to make ends meet while living with poverty wages without a pay increase since 2007 - twelve (12) years ago.

Flight Attendants from Air Wisconsin will be conducting Informational picketing at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 1:00 PM CST.  We are asking all Flight Attendants, those on layover or sit as well as those who live locally in the Chicago area to join us in support of our Brothers and Sisters at Air Wisconsin.  They are counting on us to support them in their fight for a better tomorrow and their future!

Picketing will take place between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 on the upper lever of Chicago O’Hare airport. 


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