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Reports, Feedback Forms + Local Council = Ensuring Proper Documentation

Date: April 9, 2019

Reports & Feedback Forms + Your Local Council = Ensuring Proper Documentation & Collective Strength
MEC Communications Committee

When all United Flight Attendants use the available report forms & structure, our collective strength can be realized.  

It is strongly recommended that Flight Attendants utilize the Reports & Feedback Forms on the unitedafa.org website prior to venting on social media. Often, the vent on social media ends there, without utilizing the proper channels that can effect change.  At times, the “vent” on social media can be misinterpreted and the outcome may be less than desired.

Flight Attendants are also strongly encouraged to participate in the AFA-CWA structure that begins with the Members who elect their Local Council Officers. Once elected, these representatives at expected to address and advance issues for the Flight Attendants in the local.  Each Flight Attendant has a voice, but it is silent unless she/he utilizes the resources within their own Local Council. 

Please visit the Local AFA Councils page on the unitedafa.org website to get details on your Local Council. 

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