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Social Media Reminder – Be Aware!

Date: April 16, 2019


MEC Communications Committee

As has been previously communicated, it is important for Flight Attendants to understand the impact of posting on social media. In particular, the company has recently begun encouraging Flight Attendants to use social media as a way of promoting United Air Lines which has, for some, created confusion.  We caution our Membership to be aware of not only the content you post on your personal social media pages but to also be aware of how posting company related information juxtaposed to your personal information might prove to be problematic for you. 

The use of Facebook™ and other social media “networks” have become widespread in the last decade, helping us stay entertained, socially engaged and connected to the world. On the flip side, social media networks not only have the tendency to propagate inaccurate information, but also bring up issues of personal safety and privacy. It is important to understand that social media networks can pose threats to our privacy and safety as well as that of others, if not used responsibly. 

Contractual questions concerning our JCBA or other Union information should always be directed to your AFA Local Council representatives. We understand that posting a contract question on social media can offer a quick response, but it also has the potential to provide inaccurate or misleading information. Because of the nature of questions and representational responsibilities of Union leaders, there should be no expectation that Union business will be conducted via social media or in any public forum.

If you require assistance, we strongly recommend you contact your Local Council Office directly.  Local Council contact information can be found on unitedafa.org. We suggest you consider adding your Local Council contact information to your mobile device for easy quick access. 

Additionally, when using social media there should be no expectation of privacy. We caution you about posting in secret, private or closed groups. In theory, there really is no protection in a private or secret group. When posting, always do so with the understanding that everyone can see what you have posted, in some cases, even United management.  Consider if you have friends who are members of management.  If they see items in social media that might be considered objectionable, friend or not, they are duty bound to address any infractions in their role as a management employee.

Additional information on AFA’s social media policy can be found here.

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