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The CAUSE Foundation® “Trip Drop Raffle” Winners

Date: April 19, 2019

MEC Communications Committee

The CAUSE Foundation® recently held a "paid trip drop" raffle during the months of February and March. To be eligible, Flight Attendants either were already giving to CAUSE® through monthly payroll or monthly website donations or signed up to make monthly recurring donations.

The 8 winners of The CAUSE Foundation® “Trip Drop” Contest are:


Debbie Eckhardt


Milan Kamerkar


Tracy Koehler


Jackie Larson


Michelle Lee


Nydia Rivera


Jay Williams


James Viggiano


Since its inception, The CAUSE Foundation® has helped more than 1,000 United Airlines Flight Attendants.  The grants awarded during that time equal more than $5.2 million dollars, donated by United Flight Attendants all with a clear focus to help other Flight Attendants.

CAUSE is an acronym standing for Concerned Attendants for a United Support Effort.

For more information, visit The CAUSE Foundation® website.

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