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Programming Defects Fixed Related to Reserve Assignments

Date: April 23, 2019

One United – April 18, 2019

United IT Department has been working to fix various programming defects that have been impacting Reserve Flight Attendant assignments. United announced the following defects have been corrected. They are: 

  • For Standby Reserves, the one-half flight time credit was not being included in the total time-accrued (TMAC). It is now being correctly added into the total TMAC value. 
  • The total TMAC was incorrectly including future training and vacation time for Reserves in advance of when it actually occurred. It now includes training and vacation only at the time it occurs.   
  • The Reserve Availability time was displaying an incorrect value for pairings that contained multi-flight segments with international flying, and/or a last segment deadhead flight. These pairings now reflect the correct value. 
  • In certain one-off instances, the TMAC number was reflecting an incorrect value for Reserves. This issue has been corrected.

In the event you experience any issues related to any one of the above, please call Crew Scheduling at (800) FLT-LINE, option 1.

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