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United Announces Additional Improvements to UMNR Program

Date: April 23, 2019

MEC Safety Health and Security Committee


In order to assist us in completing our responsibilities as safety professionals and to ensure a safe and caring environment for of our youngest travelers, United recently released an update to its UMNR policy that contains additional requirements when the company accepts unaccompanied minors for transport.  Highlights of this new policy include:


·       Maximum number of UMNRs per flight:No more than six UMNRs will be booked per flight during regular operations

·       Onboarding seating change from best practice to policy: Aisle seat in the last three rows of the aircraft

·       Fee structure changes: $150 service fee for every two UMNRs on the same PNR per direction of flight

·       UMNR itineraries requiring flight connection will not be accepted.

Flight Attendants are encouraged to continue to apply the concepts of Communicate, Accommodate, Remind and Escort, or C.A.R.E., anytime a UMNR has been entrusted to your care. Always follow proper procedures for securing and handing off UMNRs to other custodial employees.

For additional information on these policies Flight Attendants may 
refer to the eFAOM

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