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Assignment of Crew Rest Periods & Facilities

Date: April 30, 2019

JCBA Section 3.DD.9.b.   

The process by which Crew Rest is scheduled was implemented in July 2018. However, Flight Attendants continue to request clarification pertaining to the crew break scheduling by the International Purser. As previously communicated, Section 3.DD.9.b. of our JCBA provides that it is the designated responsibility of the International Purser to schedule her/himself for crew rest to meet the operational needs of the flight. 

Additionally, the International Purser will honor seniority when scheduling and coordinating crew rest breaks among Flight Attendants, recognizing that one language speaker is to be available in the cabin at all times. 

Also, for clarification purposes, the assignment of crew bunks is not based on seniority and Flight Attendants are expected to courteously work with each other in determining which crew bunks are occupied by whom.

Detailed information concerning the assignment of crew rest and when appropriate crew bunks are available in E-lines publication dated, July 31, 2018, posted on unitedafa.org.

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