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E-Lines: May 11, 2019

Date: May 10, 2019

Satellite Base Announcement
AFA United MEC Officers


Yesterday, AFA responded to the company’s official announcement regarding the opening of the upcoming satellite bases planned for MCO, SAN and PHX as of the first day of the September Flight Attendant schedule month. In the coming weeks, additional information regarding the bid and award of these vacancies will be forthcoming. Continue to monitor www.unitedafa.org for additional details.

Welcome New Hire Classes 1913 and 1914!
MEC Communications Committee

On Thursday, May 10, 2019 we welcomed the 29 graduating Members of class 1913 and 53 graduating Members of class 1914 to the line. Our newest flying partners will be reporting to their respective bases at CLE, EWR, IAD and SFO on May 17, 2019 for orientation and will be available to fly on May 19, 2019. Please join us in welcoming the newest Members of our Flight Attendant community.

Brazil- Two Electronic Devices Limitation  

MEC Safety, Health & Security Committee 


As has previously been reported some number of years ago, Brazil Customs & Immigration appears to once again be limiting crew members to carrying only two electronic devices, including your company issued Link device. 


While we are awaiting an update from Corporate Security detailing any changes to the previous governmental policy, we strongly recommend that Flight Attendants limit the number of and type of electronic devices carried into Brazil to no more than 2 electronic devices to prevent potential loss of or taxation on these personal items.

June 1: 787-10 United Polaris Service to Mirror 777-200 & 787-9

MEC Communications Committee


The company communicated in the May 8, 2019 Inflight Service Weekly that beginning June 1, the 787-10 (78J) will mirror the recent changes to the United Polaris service procedures on the 777-200 and 787-9.


These changes include returning a dedicated galley/aisle position to the mid-galley on this aircraft. The Flight Attendant assigned to work position #3 on this aircraft will work a mid-galley/aisle position and will be compensated with contractual galley pay.


REMINDER  to those Flight Attendants who assumed the premium paid B-zone galley position 3 on MAY 1 only (May 2 and onward, this galley pay is automatic):


Submit a galley pay claim for May 1 by following these steps:

Log into CCS > Pay > Pay Register > All Other Exception > (this will open a new window - Help Hub). Complete request in Help Hub (base, pairing, date, etc.) and in the request details box, type in Galley Pay and submit request. Starting May 2, work position #3 will automatically receive galley pay.


Please refer to this recent article concerning how Flight Attendants can report ongoing marginal service concerns.

Reserves Picking Up White Flag Pairings  

MEC Reserve Committee

With the recent company declaration of White Flag in IAH, many reserves are asking if they are eligible to pick up White Flag pairings when released to days off.


JCBA Section 8.L. and as detailed further in the Trip Trades & Adjustment Guide, page 52 explains that a Reserve may pick up unlimited white or purple flag pairings on scheduled days off once the Reserve is released by the company to her/his days off. Any trip picked up must begin on a day off. Since they are considered “flagged” trips, Reserves can pick White and Purple flag trips an unlimited number of times. Once a Reserve picks up an open trip or White/ Purple flag, the trip cannot be traded. She/he may give the pairing to a Flight Attendant by contacting Crew Scheduling.


Refer to this previous article for more information about White Flag pairings.


Flight Attendants seeking additional information are encouraged to contact their Local Council Office

2019 MEC Reserve Training Concludes in Chicago

MEC Reserve Committee


This week, the United Master Executive Council (MEC) Reserve Committee conducted their annual Reserve Training in Chicago. Attending the three-day training were 48 of our flying partners from bases across the system. These volunteers reviewed the Reserve Scheduling Procedures, Committee structure and responsibilities of the Local and MEC Reserve Committee.


We recognize, congratulate and welcome our newest flying partners who have stepped forward to do this important work on behalf of all Flight Attendants.



Sign the Petition: Our Rest is Law, Implement Now!   

MEC Government Affairs Committee

Thanks to the advocacy of thousands of Flight Attendants and our focused #FightFor10, we achieved 10 hours minimum rest in the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, signed into law on October 5, 2018. But we have learned through multiple conversations with industry and regulators, Delta Air Lines has pushed the the Department of Transportation and the FAA to slow down implementation, and now all airlines are saying they will wait for instruction from FAA before complying with the law.
Sign this petition to demand DOT and FAA to immediately implement the law, and to encourage members of Congress to hold them accountable >

This is about our safety, health, equality, and following the law. 

Mother’s Day, Sunday May 12, 2019   


On Sunday May 12, we celebrate our Mothers, Step-Mothers, Grandmothers all influential women in our lives for their commitment, strength and love.  We recognize that Mother’s Day has different meanings for all of us.  Some of us have lost our Mother while others of us may not ever have known our Mother.   At the same time, there are some of us who are Mothers and who have come to know the hurt of having lost a child.

Each of us has a uniquely personal relationship with our Mother, the woman who served as that maternal figure in our life or our own personal memories of our relationships with our own children.  And, for each of us, we are grateful in our way for what that person has contributed to our life.


In addition to celebrating Mother’s Day, we recognize the many strong women who have contributed to the labor movement throughout US history and have worked to improve the quality of life for all of us. Mother Jones is the most famous mother in Labor history and is best known for her struggles to win decent living and working conditions for the United Mine Workers as well as for her activism in the limiting eight-hour working day movement.  Mother Jones is known to be A Mother to Millions of Working Men and Women.


As a reminder, Union Members can save 25% on all Teleflora flowers through May 12. Placing your order is easy, just visit Union Plus Teleflora and enter promotion code BAAUPM25 for your 25% discount. Your discount will be automatically applied at checkout. 


On behalf of the entire United Master Executive Council, we extend our best wishes for a safe and memorable celebration to all those who will observe Mother’s Day.

AFA Solidarity Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill for United Mine Workers Pension
MEC Government Affairs Committee

The United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) provided critical political support that made it possible to get Flight Attendant 10 hours rest in the FAA Reauthorization Bill. They stood with us and now we stand with them. This also builds our power on Capitol Hill as offices see us working together. 

AFA Flight Attendants spent Wednesday on Capitol Hill with UMWA to demand Congress secure the pensions mine workers earned and fulfill the promise Congress made in the 1940s and again in 1990 to provide healthcare and pensions (pensions average only $500 a month) to the people who risked their lives underground to power our nation and forge the steel that built our country. 

Without a legislative fix to repurpose the funds, these retired miners will lose their healthcare and pensions. If their pension plans collapse, it will put a strain on the protection of all retirement security - including Flight Attendant protected pension benefits and 401k plans. This issue matters to all Americans. 

TAKE ACTION NOWCall the Capitol switchboard 202-224-3121 and tell your Representative to support H.R. 934 & 935 and Senators to support S. 27!

AFA Census: Take the Census Today!   


The AFA 2019 Census is a project that has been designed to better understand the demographic make-up of our union, including your aspirations, needs, and preferences. We also want to know in what areas of your community you may already be engaged in making a difference for you, your family, and the place where you live. All of this will help us build power together so we can continue to advance our Flight Attendant careers.


The University of New Hampshire Survey Center (UNHSC) is conducting this very important data gathering effort. You should have received an email last week and possibly a phone call to encourage you to complete the Census. Once you complete the Census, you will not be contacted by UNHSC further. Our contract with UNHSC ensures your information remains confidential within AFA. It does not allow UNHSC to share any of your information with outside organizations. A summary of the final results will be shared with AFA members.


The questions on the census should take you no more than 15 minutes to complete. Please look for an email from "Sara Nelson via UNH" with the subject line "AFA Census – Response Requested." If you haven't received an email or a phone call, you can take the AFA Census here >

Reminders and Quick Links


May 10     New Hire Class 1913 and 1914 Graduate from Inflight Training
May 12     Mother’s Day

May 14    Update Ready Reserve Preferences Submitted On/Prior to April 24, 2019
May 17     New Hire Class 1915 and 1916 Graduate from Inflight Training
May 24     New Hire Class 1917 and 1918 Graduate from Inflight Training
May 27     Memorial Day
May 31     New Hire Class 1919 Graduates from Inflight Training


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