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Drawing Strength from our United Flight Attendant DNA

Date: May 18, 2019

MEC Communications Committee

Our group of more than 25,000 Flight Attendants at United is a melting pot of individuals from every walk of life with varied backgrounds, skill sets and characteristics. We come from different countries, with diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.  All of us come from “somewhere” and whether or not we are an “original” employee of any the airlines that now make up United Airlines, we are the product of the proud lineage of airlines, today combined, have brought us to be who we are today.

As we work to navigate our journey as Flight Attendants of today all of whom bring our unique characteristics to the work we do, we prepared for our future with the full knowledge that our greatest strength comes from our vast diversity.

Differences of opinion and various ideas are inevitable given the more than 25,000 unique Flight Attendants at our airline. The better we become at respecting and tolerating our differences, our opportunity to discover our commonality increases exponentially.  We become Union Stronger when choose to focus on that which unites us because the greater good requires it. Choosing to be open-minded, inclusive and kind are behaviors that are uniquely characteristic of our “Flight Attendant DNA” that reinforce our unity which is particularly important as we move toward another round of Contract negotiations.

Let there be no confusion, what we achieve at the bargaining table requires us to realize how much stronger and better we are together. 

As individual Flight Attendants who are part of a greater Union of Flight Attendants, our goal should be to purposely strive to focus on those areas where we have common ground. Accomplishing this directly impacts our bargaining power in negotiations with management.

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