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Avianca Partnership

Date: May 24, 2019

Avianca Partnership

Today, United Airlines announced the possibility of offering Avianca a loan of up to $150 million, assuming certain commitments are made by other Avianca stakeholders. United is taking this action “to strengthen our partnership with Avianca and give Avianca’s management team and employees the very best opportunity to succeed.” 

Avianca’s success as a partner matters to us, our company and customers because they are part of a proposed joint business agreement that includes Copa, Avianca and United ultimately providing United with connecting traffic to support our flights to/from the United States. 

Having Avianca as a reliable partner is essential to ensure any agreement will work for all parties involved.  All related business transactions must be consistent with our JCBA.

We will continue to monitor the related business transactions for compliance with all provisions of the Flight Attendant Collective Bargaining Agreement.   

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