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Satellite Base Information

Date: May 24, 2019

United Inflight management announced the transfer pages to the three Satellite bases at Orlando, FL, Phoenix, AZ and San Diego, CA are now available. The Satellite bases have been scheduled to open for the September 2019 Flight Attendant Schedule month.

 Key Dates:

·      Initial transfer period to submit transfers for the satellite vacancies is now open in CCS (May 22

·      The initial bid period will close on Monday, June 24 at 0800 CST

·      Once awarded, Flight Attendants will have 7 days to accept/decline their transfer.

·      After this initial award, subsequent transfers will be handled in the same manner as other locations.

·      The transfer request screens will reopen after the June 24 award to the satellite locations.

Each Satellite base will be considered a sub-base of another geographic base as follows:


Satellite Base

Sub Base of











Transfer Inhibits

By mutual agreement, AFA and Inflight management have agreed to waive the transfer inhibits provided for in Sections 17.A.2 & 3 of our JCBA in order to ensure everyone has an opportunity to submit a transfer for these vacancies.

In the coming weeks there will be a great deal of information that will be published. If you are considering a transfer to one of these newly established Satellite bases, we strongly encourage you to stay informed.

Update FAQ:

Q:  I recently transferred within the last 6 months and I have submitted a transfer to one of the Satellite bases. I notice that my ranking appears at the bottom of the ranking of other Flight Attendants rather than in seniority order. Is there a reason for this?

A:  Flight Attendants who have recently transferred or declined a transfer are, under the terms of the Contract, inhibited from submitting a transfer for a period of six (6) or three (3) months, respectively.  The Company and AFA have mutually agreed to waive the transfer inhibits to allow everyone to submit a transfer to one of these new Satellite bases. Flight Attendants who are subject to a transfer inhibit will retain the inhibit until its scheduled expiration date in the event that transfers are awarded to other locations prior to June 24th.

Q:  How will the process work when transfers to the satellite bases are awarded?

A:  For the award of transfers to MCO, SAN & PHX, transfer inhibits will not be applied. On the day transfers are awarded to the Satellite bases, the transfer inhibits will be removed and all transfers will be ranked in system seniority order prior to the award.

Q:  How will I know where I fall in the ranking of those who have submitted a transfer in order to get some idea if I might be awarded a transfer?

A:  Because the transfer list ranking to these Satellite bases does not include those with transfer inhibits and because we understand that it is important for you to have some idea where you fall in the ranking, as an exception to the normal transfer process we will manually prepare and publish a correct ranking on Flying Together.  This list will be updated and published every Tuesday and Friday until the June 24th award date.

Additional information including the Satellite Moving and Transfer Package and the
Satellite Base FAQ  are available on the Satellite Base Information Page on Unitedafa.org

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