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E-Lines: June 12, 2019

Date: June 11, 2019

Social Media – Not a Forum for the Conduct of Official Union Business


Social Media is part of our lives.  Some of us spend 
more time on various social media platforms than others of us.  Information can be readily obtained from social media but we must always remember that not
all of it is correct all of the time and there is value in confirming the accuracy of information we obtain.  


While there can be certain conveniences associated with its use, we must never forget that no one should ever have an expectation of privacy on any social media platform.  It is for this reason we must exercise caution and use discretion when we post or share information on these sites.  


As your legal representative, Union representatives have a responsibility to avoid conducting Union business via these public forums. It is reasonable for each of us to expect that when we discuss our concerns or ask questions about the application of the Contract, that we are doing so in confidence and always outside the watchful eye of management. 


Further, as Members in our Flight Attendant Union community, open discussion about provisions of our Contract and how they apply should never take place in a forum that is subject to management scrutiny. The same applies to our view of SOPs, FARs & security matters.  None of this should ever be debated or presented on social media sites because it can potentially compromise our safety and that of our flying partners.


When we discuss workplace issues in a public forum, we always run the risk that our conversations or concerns will be misunderstood by management.  These “private public” discussions in the hands of management are rarely understood in the way Flight Attendants may have meant the discussion to take place.  Most especially, reviewing details of incidents that occur during the course of a work day will likely put you and others in jeopardy of disciplinary action when, not if, your post ends up in the hands of those not intended to be part of the discussion.


AFA has resources and personnel available to assist you in improving your understanding of policies, procedures, FARs, and SOPs. You are strongly encouraged to use those confidential resources to resolve issues and address concerns in the workplace or with flying partners.  


Your official source of Union information should be your Union’s website – www.unitedafa.org. It is one of the best and most thorough resources for Flight Attendants to utilize when seeking information.  This website is tied directly to the Official AFA United MEC Facebook page, which contains our weekly news and updates on matters that affect our careers and our profession.  

Additionally, your Locally Elected Council Leadership is always available to confidentially answer questions or concerns via email or their official Union phone number. The Locally Elected Officers and Local Council volunteers are all highly trained to assist the Membership while always protecting your contractual rights. 


As a reminder, for your protection we encourage Flight Attendants to review the United AFA  Social Media Policy and remember to contact your Local Executive Council for all your AFA needs. 

July 2019 COLA Awards Available in CCS

Awards for the one-month Special COLA for July 2019 have been posted in CCS.

The following chart lists the System Seniority number of the most junior award, by location. 



































Flight Attendants awarded the Special COLA are eligible to maintain their health and welfare benefits at active employee contribution rates for the duration of the COLA. To view the posted awards go to CCS -> Leaves->COLA/JS./MMP.

Note: Flight Attendants with pairings that overlap from June into July are expected to complete their last trip in the June schedule unless able to use our various schedule flexibilities to dispose of the overlap pairing.

For additional information, please refer to the July 2019 One-Month Special COLA Program Information

Seat Belt Compliance Checks – It’s part of the job!

MEC Safety Health and Security Committee

On March 8 of this yearafter receiving a number of inquiries and requests for clarification, our MEC Safety, Health and Security Committee shared information concerning seat belt compliance checks and provided guidance to ensure Flight Attendants are in compliance.


In response to that guidance, misinformation spread via social media and in the workplace continues to wrongly suggest that these compliance checks are in some way discretionary in nature for Flight Attendants. These improper suggestions have created significant confusion in the workplace and Flight Attendants continue to seek clarification as to when (and if) Seatbelt Compliance Checks are required.


To avoid confusion, the use of seatbelts for cabin occupants two years and older is required on all aircraft during surface movement, takeoff and landing, in accordance with FAR 121.311. The flight deck is responsible for illuminating the Fasten Seat Belt sign. Flight Attendants are required to make PA announcements at regular intervals in those instances when the Fasten Seat Belt sign is illuminated during prolonged periods, or if passengers do not comply when the sign is illuminated. 

In addition to the PA announcements, Flight Attendants are required to complete a cabin compliance check anytime the Fasten Seat Belt sign is turned on during flight, except if instructed by pilots to take their jumpseats, remain seated or during moderate to severe turbulence, as stated as part of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).


None of us can selectively read or interpret a FAR or disregard eFAOM guidance. The Standard Operating Procedures in the eFAOM is deemed as regulatory per FAA because our eFAOMs, the United Flight Attendant Manual, is approved by the FAA which makes the information contained in the publication essential for compliance with FARs. Misrepresenting published communications places all of us at a disadvantage


If you have any questions, please contact your Local Council Safety Representatives for assistance. 

Central Schedule Committee Report

MEC Central Schedule Committee

Central Schedule Committee’s most recent report detailing their activities in the development of the July schedule have been published on www.unitedafa.org We encourage you to take some time to review these reports to get a better understanding of the system by which monthly schedules are developed.

July Schedule Month Contractual Holidays – Bid Accordingly 

JCBA Section 2.Q.2

Bid packets for the month of July will be released this week.  Flight Attendants are reminded that the July schedule month includes the following two Holiday Pay opportunities.


Domicile Country




Independence Day

July 4th

Hong Kong

Handover Day

July 1st

Flight Attendants will be paid for the holidays specified for her/his domicile country. No Flight Attendant shall be eligible to be paid more than five (5) holidays in any calendar year. JCBA 2.Q.2


For more information concerning Holiday pay, review E-lines publication, Holiday Pay Parameters, our JCBA section 2.Q or contact your Local Council Representatives.

Quarterly Incentive Reminder

JCBA Section 4.B.1


As we approach the end of the second quarter of the fiscal year, Flight Attendants should be on the lookout for their Quarterly Incentive Pay. Incentive pay is contractually negotiated compensation for Flight Attendants who fly in excess of two hundred (200:00) hours per calendar quarter, including vacation and deadhead, to a maximum of three hundred and thirty hours (330:00), except that no incentive pay will apply for block hours flown in excess of one hundred and ten (110:00) hours in a bid month. 



Calendar Quarter









Payment Month























Flight Attendants can look for their second quarter incentive pay in their July Pay advice. For questions concerning Incentive Pay contact your Local Council office for assistance.

AFA Pride Pins

From June 1- June 30th, we will show our support in the fight for LGBT Equality by proudly displaying our AFA Pride Union pin. AFA is a strong voice against discrimination and we strongly support LGBT rights. Discrimination of any kind undermines the strength of our community. We must celebrate the diversity of our Union, and work to protect and advance the rights of all Flight Attendants.


Ask your Local Council leadership for an AFA PRIDPin and for more information about AFA’s Pride events across the system this June.

Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Purple Ribbons Now Available 


Additionally, all Flight Attendants are encouraged to participate in the month-long campaign to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease & Brain health issues by displaying a purple ribbon behind your official AFA Union pin. This an initiative in which all of us can participate – taking a small part to make a big difference in creating awareness. Participate in AFA’s efforts to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness. For more information, visit our website.

MEC Reserve Committee Report

MEC Reserve Committee

MEC Reserve Committee’s most recent report detailing Information about the recently enhanced Reserve Availability Display Screen is available for you review.

Stand in Solidarity with United Catering Workers - Unite Here!


In October 2018, the catering workers at United Airlines won their representational election. This was after an unsuccessful attempt by the company to declare interference in the workers’ rights by the Union. However, despite this attempt, Unite Herewon their representation election with staggering results 1253 for the union and only 486 against. Their hard work had paid off and they became Union members of Unite here.


Flight Attendants are not strangers to the next battle our Sisters and Brothers of the newest Union at United will be coming up against - contract negotiations. The New York Times recently shared their story, their struggle, as well as their plan to push forward. 


This month, about 11,000 airline catering employees — the people who prepare and transport food and beverages that millions of passengers consume on flights each year — will vote on a first step toward a possible labor stoppage. Many make the minimum wage in their areas, or less, and toil in harsh conditions with limited benefits. But collectively, they have the power to disrupt the air travel network.”


The right to strike is an essential part of workers ability to negotiate. Beginning June 11th, Unite Herewill lead the largest strike vote in U.S. history for airline catering workers. We have supported the United Here catering workers since they began their journey to unionize and we will continue to support them through their negotiations and future endeavors. We stand in Solidarity with Unite Here. 

Union Made for Father’s Day, June 16, 2019  

This Sunday, June 16, 2019 we collectively celebrate the day belonging to fathers.  On this day we celebrate fatherhood, parental bonds and the critical influence that our Fathers have in our society. 

Historically we celebrate Father’s Day by getting our Fathers gifts that are unique and stylish.  If you're thinking of splurging, Union Plus is great way to find the perfect gift that bears a Union label.  Visit UnionPlus.com where Union Members can enjoy discounts to sporting events, dining, movies, BBQ grills and even an ice cold beer. 

Check out some union-made Father's Day gift ideas on UnionPlus.org.



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