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Stand in Solidarity with United Catering Workers - Unite Here!

Date: June 12, 2019

In October 2018, the catering workers at United Airlines won their representational election. This was after an unsuccessful attempt by the company to declare interference in the workers’ rights by the Union. However, despite this attempt, Unite Here won their representation election with staggering results 1253 for the union and only 486 against. Their hard work had paid off and they became Union members of Unite here.


Flight Attendants are not strangers to the next battle our Sisters and Brothers of the newest Union at United will be coming up against - contract negotiations. The New York Times recently shared their story, their struggle, as well as their plan to push forward. 


This month, about 11,000 airline catering employees — the people who prepare and transport food and beverages that millions of passengers consume on flights each year — will vote on a first step toward a possible labor stoppage. Many make the minimum wage in their areas, or less, and toil in harsh conditions with limited benefits. But collectively, they have the power to disrupt the air travel network.”


The right to strike is an essential part of workers ability to negotiate. Beginning June 11th, Unite Here will lead the largest strike vote in U.S. history for airline catering workers. We have supported the United Here catering workers since they began their journey to unionize and we will continue to support them through their negotiations and future endeavors. We stand in Solidarity with Unite Here. 

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