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E-Lines: July 02, 2019

Date: July 2, 2019

Satellite Base Transfer Acceptance Required by 2359 CT Tonight 

Acceptance of awarded transfers to one of the recently announced Satellite Bases at MCO, PHX and SAN for those wishing to transfer is required by 2359 CT tonight. Awarded transfers that are not accepted will be processed as if the transfer were declined.  Flight Attendants who decline transfers are inhibited from submitting additional transfers for a period of three months from the date the transfer is declined.

767-300 (76L) Important Safety Emergency Differences - Aircraft #6684, #6685 & 6686
MEC Safety Health and Security Committee

Flight Attendants are strongly encouraged by your MEC Safety, Health & Security Committee to review and familiarize themselves with the recently acquired and new configuration of the 767-300 known as 76L – V2.

The first 76L – V2 aircraft entered into service on July 2, 2019 and can be identified by aircraft number #6684. The two (2) remaining aircraft #6685 and #6686 are scheduled to enter service in late July. 

There are three (3) Emergency Differences of which it is imperative Flight Attendants are aware when working this new 76L configuration: 

  • This aircraft does NOT have an evacuation alarm
  • The Emergency Light Switch is located at 1-L instead of 2-L
  •  To contact the Flight Deck in an Emergency press #1 on the handset for Pilot Alert. 

Your MEC Safety, Health & Security Committee strongly encourages you to use your eFAOM via the Link device for all of your safety checks on every aircraft type.  It is especially important that you do so on newly configured aircraft; doing so ensures we are not only meeting the regulatory requirement of being familiar with the necessary functions to be performed in an emergency on the aircraft (CFR 91.533.B), we are also putting ourselves in the best possible position to be able to respond effectively in any emergency situation. 

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Health, Safety and Security Committee representative for additional information.  

Keeping Families Together

Flight Attendants have directly been affected in the course of our work by changes to immigration policy and many Flight Attendants have family who are concerned right now that they will be separated from our loved ones. All Flight Attendants are first responders and committed to the safety and wellbeing of every passenger on our planes. We serve as ambassadors of freedom, helping hundreds of millions of people traverse the United States and the globe. We are often the first to confront the issues that are foremost in public discourse and experience public policy changes. We promote de-escalation of conflict in order to ensure safe and secure passage and our industry has led promotion of human rights and peace. Therefore we call on our entire industry to work together to put a stop to any policies that lead to forced family separations, inhumane and unsafe conditions or spread panic and fear. 

Last week, AFA's Executive Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution to support keeping families together, children safe, and in opposition to ICE raids that are spreading fear in our communities.

Many Flight Attendants have spoken up about the crisis on the southern border and asking our union to take action.

Today, Tuesday, July 2, dozens of organizations are leading a #CloseTheCamps day of action, calling for advocates across the country to hold vigils in local communities, contact our representatives, and demand that the administration end the inhumane treatment of immigrants at the border and in our communities. 

There is a website where you can find events to join today or use other tools to make your voice heard. We encourage all members to take action that best works for you. 

AFA will continue fighting to ensure that Flight Attendants are never put in a position of being forced to participate in unjust policies.

Reserve Opportunity to Pick Up Open Flying to Prevent Drafting
MEC Reserve Committee

Our JCBA provides Reserves with a number of opportunities to increase their monthly earnings by voluntarily picking up flying on scheduled days off either from Open Time or from other Flight Attendants. We have received a number of questions on one option in particular. That is, Reserves’ ability to pick up open flying to prevent the drafting of Lineholders, as provided under Section 7.S.4.b. of the JCBA.

Reserves can volunteer to pick up Open Time to prevent drafting by placing a request on file in CCS at any time throughout the month, and there is no limit to the number of trips a Reserve may pick up from Open Time under this provision. If the Company is faced with a drafting situation, Crew Scheduling will process requests in seniority order.  If awarded, Crew Scheduling will attempt to contact the Reserve by telephone. 

  • If the Reserve does not answer the call, Crew Scheduling will continue down the list of Reserves who have matching requests on file (and who are legal for the assignment) until contact is made or until the list has been exhausted. 
  • When contact is made with a Reserve, the trip will be awarded.

To place a request on file, use the Reserve Open Flying Request to Prevent Draftingscreen in CCS. To access, go to CCS > Reserve > Reserve Prevent Drafting. Once on the screen, select “Create New Request” in the upper right corner.

Once on this screen, you have the option to narrow the results as much or as little as you would like by entering a specific pairing number or preferred criteria that correspond to the type of flying you would like to pick up. Once submitted, and only if the company is faced with a drafting situation on the date selected, your request may be considered if there are any trips in Open Time meeting the selected criteria. Again, requests will be considered in seniority order.  

For more information please contact your Local Reserve Committee.  

Safeguarding Unaccompanied Minors 

The multi-month, cross divisional effort to safeguard the high volume of unaccompanied minors entrusted to the care of our corporation places Flight Attendants in the most critical of positions. In order to execute on all of this work, there is simply nothing that can take the place of our oversight and commitment.  

A critical component of our oversight and commitment to arguably our most valued customers is the importance of good communication and ensuring that each UMNR receives a good briefing, specific safety instructions and consistent guidance on arrival at their destination. 

As career safety professionals, we understand our role in the safe passage of UMNRs comes from the consistent delivery of service resulting from solidly delivering on the procedures that have been put in place by the corporation.

After all customers have disembarked the aircraft, Flight Attendants escort UMNRs off the aircraft to the jet bridge door and the CSR who should be waiting for the transfer of custody.  If you are face with a decision of escorting a UMNR off the aircraft and ensuring the transfer of custody to the CSR and potentially delaying the operation there is no question – care of the UMNR takes priority.

The maximum number of UMNRs is limited to six (6) per flight and it’s always a good idea to alert the CSR on arrival of the number of UMNRs you have traveling with you. 

We have a designated seating zone at the rear of the aircraft which provides three Flight Attendants to direct access to assist UMNRs at any point during the flight where they might require our assistance. For some of our UMNRs, her/his flight may be their first flight with United while for others, they are frequent flyers.  Because of this, those who fly frequently may have more confidence about how the system works and where they are going they might not understand why it is so important that we take them off the airplane.  However, maintaining custody and getting the UMNR to the CSR and ultimately the child’s parents or guardian is our prime objective.  Whether a frequent traveler or a first time flyer, as Flight Attendants we have the single greatest opportunity to make their flight the experience of a life time – and we do.

MEC Reserve Committee Report - June 2019

The MEC Reserve Committee’s most recent report detailing the work of the Reserve Committee is now available for you review on our website at www.unitedafa.org

Celebrating Our Independence - July 4th, 2019 

In observance of Independence Day 2019, let’s salute our nation and feel proud to be part of this prosperous country!

Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness. These are the principals captured in our Declaration of Independence and are those we strive to preserve for every American.

As Flight Attendants, we have the good fortune of serving as our ambassadors of our country as we travel the world and serve as the first to welcome visitors to our great country.  

This Thursday, July 4th, in observance of our Nation’s Independence Day, let’s enjoy our freedom to the fullest by sharing the day with our family and friends.  Whether working or spending time with those we love, enjoy this annual holiday.

On behalf of the United Master Executive Council, best wishes for a safe and Happy 4th of July. 

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