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PIRC & the Traffic Light System - Should we Serve one more?

Date: August 7, 2019

In one of our more recent editions of E-lines, we reviewed PIRC – the Passenger Incident Review Committee and the role of this Committee to ensure the continued safety of crew and passengers on every flight.  This committee responds to specific incidents involving passenger misconduct on the aircraft.

As part of our role as safety professionals, we’re trained to recognize possible signs of intoxication and to use our best judgement in identifying behaviors that could easily escalate into a potentially embarrassing for our passengers or something more serious. To this end, we serve alcohol responsibly and use the traffic light system to determine if a passenger is exhibiting signs of possible intoxication.

We share this information with other crew members and let them know the details of the specific situation to ensure all members of the crew are aware and aligned on how the situation will be addressed.  That is, once the crew determines no more alcohol is to be served, none is served.

Always, trust your training and your instincts.  Discontinue service when it appears a passenger is potentially intoxicated.    

For more information, refer to your eFAOM > SOP chapter > Alcohol. 

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