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New Required CBT Modules Due by October 6

Date: August 10, 2019

Inflight management notified Flight Attendants in the August 7, 2019 Inflight Services Weekly of a new series of six required CBT modules that must be completed by October 6, 2019. 

The“2019 Flight Attendant United HR Compliance and On-board Service”training can be found in the ‘to-do” list on the Take Off homepage.  If it is not located in the ‘to-do list”, use the search bar to quickly locate the training.  The CBT can be accessed from your Link, laptop or desktop computer.

It is projected that this training will take 3:30 minutes to complete and covers a variety of topics. Consistent with the requirements of Section 11.B.2. of our Contract, we will be paid one hour of flight time pay and credit for each three (3) hours of home study or training, prorated. Once completed, Flight Attendants will receive training pay of 1:10 flight pay and credit.

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