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Partial Trip Trades

Date: August 12, 2019

JCBA Section 7.I.8.

Among the many schedule flexibilities negotiated into our Contract is the ability to advertise portions of our pairings that begin and end at our base. Known as partial pairings, we can be identify them by the red ‘p’ in the Ad Pickup(advertisements) section of the Electronic Bulletin Board (eBB).

The Flight Attendant advertising the partial pairing is required to fly the pairing if no other Flight Attendant picks up the pairing within four (4) hours prior to check-in.  By exception, if it is less than four (4) hours prior to check-in, two (2) Flight Attendants may complete a Flight Attendant to Flight Attendant trade before check-in if:

  • Both Flight Attendants are physically present at the base location,
  • Provided the trade is confirmed with Scheduling no later than two (2) hours prior to scheduled departure.  

TheFlight Attendant trading out of the partial pairing shall have the value of her/his pairing reduced by the schedule flight time of the segments traded.  

TheFlight Attendant trading into(replacement Flight Attendant) shall be credited with the greater of the scheduled or actual flight time of the segments.

Note:  If a partial pairing subsequently ends up in open time, these partial pairings can be identified with an alpha character at the end of the pairing number. (eg: L1234a).  Additionally, utilizing the Pairing Information tab in CCS can provide the pairing history to identify if a pairing is a partial trip.


If a partial pairing is subsequently assigned to a Reserve, the Reserve shall receive rigs and hotel rooms attributable to the trip.

Flight Attendants are permitted to trade into open time a portion of a pairing that is less than five (5) hours flight time pay and credit for any one duty period and the pairing shall be treated as follows:

(1). If a Lineholder picks up the pairing she/he shallnotbe entitled to the minimum duty Rigs set forth in Section 6. Paragraph A. and B.; and

(2). If Crew Scheduling assigns a Reserve to the open (partial) pairing, she/he shall be entitledto the minimum duty Rigs set forth in Section 6. Paragraph A. and B.

For additional information refer to Section 7.I.8. or the Trip Trades and Adjustments Reference Guide.


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