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New Procedures for Dual Boarding/Deplaning Process Effective August 12, 2019

Date: August 13, 2019

Effective August 12, 2019 new Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) became effective for the use of dual boarding and deplaning procedures.   These recently established procedures are most immediately expected to be put into use at twelve (12) European cities but are not intended to be used exclusively at these stations.  The use of these procedures may be further expanded in the future. 

The most recently implemented SOPs allow for the use of one forward and one rear aircraft door on the 75B/75S fleet and wide-body aircraft when arriving into and/or departing designated cities provided certain conditions, such as an established minimum Flight Attendant crew complement, are met. These SOPs, which meet regulatory & company requirements, allow for passengers to board and deplane using two aircraft doors, one forward and one aft door. 

Given the recent implementation of these SOPs, Flight Attendants should be documenting any and all safety concerns pertaining to their use.United’s Safety Management System (SMS) requires a review of the new process, and AFA and Inflight Safety have committed to do so jointly.  In order to ensure this SOP is working as anticipated from a safety and functional perspective we will rely on your proper reporting to highlight the successes and deficiencies. The SMS review will then identify if there is a need for any adjustments to be made to those processes. 

Robust reporting is especially vital as we put these procedures into place.  We are asking you to be vigilant in your adherence to these procedures and for increased observations and reporting as we strive to ensure we are safely meeting the Flight Attendant, company and regulatory needs given the changes contemplated by the implementation of dual door boarding & deplaning procedures.

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