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One United – New Programming Deployed Tonight at 2200CT

Date: August 13, 2019

MEC Reserve Committee

New Programming to Address 1:7 Contractual Legality & 24:7 FAR Legality for Reserves 


Effective with deployment later tonight, Crew Scheduling will no longer be required to insert a break day ("BRK") as a placeholder to resolve 1-in-7(1:7) Contractual or 24-in-7(24:7) FAR violations as the result of the conjunction of two schedule months after loading the new month schedule into the system. The system will no longer automatically prevent Reserves with blocks of seven (7) or more consecutive days of availability from trading or prevent Crew Scheduling from making assignments.


1-in-7 and 24-in-7 alerts will appear in the "Alerts" section found below the Master Schedule to ensure Flight Attendants are aware of these potential legalities. Please refer to the 1-in-7 and 24-in-7 Alerts Guide on Flying Together.


Reserves scheduled to be on duty for seven (7) or more days over month end due to either their schedule selection or bid award are reminded they must contact Crew Scheduling prior to the first day of the new bid month to have the 1-in-7 conflict resolved. If they do not contact Crew Scheduling before the first day of the new bid month, the 1-in-7 conflict is considered automatically waived consistent with the terms of our Contract.(The 24-in-7 FAR must still be satisfied with a 24-hour period free from duty.)


Additional CCS Enhancements to be deployed August 14, 2019 at 2200 CT


The Reserve Availability screen that includes the changes recommended by our AFA testers as well as those who attended our most recent MEC Reserve Training in May is yet another enhancement that will be made available as of August 14, 2019. These additional enhancements include:

  • The ability to Print, Save or Email a copy of the Reserve Availability list.
  • Abbreviated column headers to reduce column width.
  • Fixed column headers when scrolling.
  • Displaying all results without the need to add rows.
  • Screen remembers previous search criteria.

If you have additional questions, contact your Local Council Reserve Committee for assistance.

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