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Sick Call after Reassignment

Date: August 13, 2019


Flight Attendants that have been reassigned a pairing and then become ill after the reassignment has occurred, and subsequently call in sick are only pay protected for the reassignment pairing, not the original trip. Credited sick hours are only paid providing the Flight Attendant has the sufficient number of sick hours required to cover the reassignment trip value available in her/his sick bank. Flight Attendants who do not have adequate sick hours commensurate with the value of the reassigned trip pairing will be documented as an unpaid sick call, regardless of the value of the pairing to which reassigned. 

Example: A Flight Attendant’s 18-hour pairing is canceled and she/he is reassigned to a 10-hour pairing. The Flight Attendant subsequently calls in sick for the 10-hour reassignment pairing.  Assuming she/he has 40 hours in her/his sick leave bank, ten (10) hours will be deducted from her/his sick bank – an amount equivalent to the value of the reassigned pairing.  

Conversely, if her/his sick leave bank has a zero balance when the Flight Attendant called in sick for the 10-hour reassignment pairing, she/he would not receive any pay for either the reassignment or the original trip, but would be considered on unpaid sick leave and will receive no pay. 

Note: While this article addresses how a sick call is paid, it does not address all of the Contractual provisions pertaining to sick calls including the assignment of attendance points.  Additionally, these rudimentary examples do not address any of the reassignment provisions outlined in Section 7.Q. of our Contract.  The example is intended for illustrative purposes only. 

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