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Reassignments After Leaving Base

Date: August 17, 2019

MEC Grievance Committee

Over the course of the last ten months, Union and company representatives of the Joint Implementation Team (JIT) have continued to implement the scheduling provisions of the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA). In the course of these implementation efforts, reassignments have required the dedicated attention of the JIT. 

Through the course of meetings between AFA and the company, significant work has gone into developing and sharing a common understanding of the language in our Contract.  Going forward, after leaving the base, it is mutually understood that reassignments that return Flight Attendants beyond twelve (12) hours of the original scheduled arrival and/or eight (8) hours into a calendar day off will be treated strictly as reassignments.  This means:

On domestic pairings, reassignment pay will apply when a Flight Attendant is rescheduled to and actually returns to her/his base more than two (2) hours after the original scheduled arrival. 

On international pairings that are rescheduled downline to return more than twelve (12) hours beyond the original scheduled arrival and/or eight (8) hours into a calendar day off, reassignment pay is not provided for in the JCBA and will not be paid.

(Note: For international reassignments, there is currently a system defect which is posting reassignment pay to the Pay Register, in error. Crew Pay will continue to make adjustments to the Pay Register to correct these errors and will remove reassignment pay.)

In addition, AFA and the company have reached an agreement addressing how reassignment pay will be calculated when a Flight Attendant deviates (FAKE DHD) from deadhead on the final segment of their pairing which is as follows:

For pairings in which the Flight Attendant is reassigned to return to their base more than two (2) hours beyond the original scheduled arrive time, and the last segment is a deadhead back to base on which the Flight Attendant deviates, reassignment pay will be paid until the scheduled departure time of the original deadhead flight

While we are pleased to share the mutual understanding of how reassignments under these circumstances are paid, in no way does this alter the requirement under Section 7.Q.5.a. to return Flight Attendants to their base within twelve (12) hours of their original scheduled arrival, or that the reassignment cannot extend more than eight (8) hours into a calendar day off.   This understanding and the processes associated with these changes are effective as of August 1, 2019, going forward.

What, you may ask, does this mean for all those who have filed worksheets and NODs over the past couple of months?  AFA and the company will meet in the coming weeks to discuss resolution of these NODs. Additionally, we will continue our advocacy and look for opportunities work with United management in finding solutions that are in the best interest of our Members and the long-term success of our airline.

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