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Scheduling On-Board Crew Rest Using Available Crew Rest Facilities

Date: August 17, 2019

 Section 3.DD.

On-Board Rest, otherwise known as crew rest breaks, are an important provision of our negotiated contract. Crew Rest Breaks ensure that Flight Attendants are well rested and able to react to any emergency situation and to perform all necessary safety related tasks for which they have responsibility. 

Crew Rest is a negotiated provision of our Contract and International Pursers are responsible for scheduling these breaks to ensure all Members of the crew are provided an equal rest period consistent with all of the requirements of Section 3.DD. while, at the same time, completing all scheduled cabin services before starting any crew rest breaks.

We have received questions in the MEC Office about how Crew Rest breaks should be scheduled when staffing has been enhanced such that the number of Flight Attendants on the crew does not allow for the scheduling of two crew rest breaks given the available number of designated crew rest seats or bunks.

The International Purser is charged with the following responsibilities:       

  • Honoring seniority when scheduling and coordinating crew rest breaks among Flight Attendants.
  • Scheduling breaks to occur after completion of all schedule cabin services
  • Crew rest breaks are to be approximately evenly divided
  • Occur during non-service periods

In situations where there is not a sufficient number of crew rest bunks or designated crew rest seats that facilitate a two-break split, the International Purser is required to adjust the break schedule so all crew rest breaks occur in an approved area for all Members of the Crew.  If necessary, this may require the scheduling of three breaks of all approximately equal length.

For additional information concerning the procedures when scheduling crew rest breaks review E-lines publication, dated May 3, 2019  Scheduling Crew Rest Breaks. Additional information can be found in Section 3.DD. of our Contract.

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