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Some Apple MacBook Pro Computers Will Need to Remain Powered Off Inflight

Date: August 17, 2019

MEC Safety, Health & Security  

Apple has recalled some of its MacBook Pro Retina display15-inch laptops which were manufactured between September 2015 and February 2017 because they may have defective batteries. 

United has communicated the latest information on this issue to customers by providing updates on www.united.com and even reaching out directly to those with upcoming travel plans.

If a customer informs you that they have one of these devices, United policy is to advise the customer she/he will not be able to check the computer in checked baggage. Instead, she/he will need to power the Apple Mac Book Pro Retinadown before carrying it on board the aircraft.  The device cannot be used or plugged in on any United flights.

Customers have been provided a resource to help them identify whether a computer needs to be serviced by checking the serial number using this link: 


While we understand this may be a difficult message to deliver to the customer, ultimately this is a safety of flight issue.  If you encounter any difficulties when you advise them of United’s policy, we recommend you document the events using proper reporting procedures. If you are unclear if you should submit an IOR or an ISAP report based on the facts, contact your Local Council Safety, Health & Security Committee. 

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