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Attendance and Dependability Point Values

Date: August 21, 2019

MEC Grievance Committee

A point system was negotiated to apply to attendance and dependability occurrences to provide consistency in the way attendance and dependability issues are addressed. 

Section23.F.1 of our JCBA defines how the point system will apply to attendance and dependability occurrences as set forth herein. The following occurrences shall generate the following points: 

Occurrence Points:


Point Values

a.Over 6 days

2 Points

b.6 days or less - without physician’s note

2 Points

c.6 days or less - with physician’s note

1.5 Points

Missed trip

3 Points

Late boarding that delays a flight

2.5 Points

Missed meeting or training

2 Points

Late Boarding, no flight delay

1.5 Points

Late check-in

1 Point


In the event a Flight Attendant has an illness/injury absence of 6 calendar days or less, she/he may elect to reduce the point value associated with the occurrence as detailed in Section 23.F.2. by providing a physician’s note that lists the following information:

1.    Date of illness or injury

2.    Date of examination

3.    Date of return to work, and

4.    Signature of the physician or physician’s designee on a document that contains, at a m minimum, the physician’s printed name, work address & work telephone number.

This note must be given to the Flight Attendant’s supervisor, not United medical, on or before the next scheduled pairing.

In an instance where a Flight Attendant incurs a missed trip (MT), she/he may reduce attendance points from 3 points to 2.5 points for the occurrence if she/he:

1.    Picks up a pairing that departs on the same day as the missed pairing and,

2.    Secures the assignment while physically present at the departure airport of the missed pairing.

Flight Attendants should always confirm that any reduced point assessment is accurately reflected in her/his work history.

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