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Contractual Provisions of Holding and Short Crew Pay

Date: August 21, 2019

JCBA Section 6.N.1 & 4.Q.

Flight Attendants unclear as to procedures when utilizing their JCBA contractual provisions for holding time pay and short crew pay are encouraged to review the following e-lines publications detailing the key components as to how pay is administered. 

January 4, 2019 E-lines publication, 
Holding Time Pay (Section 6.N.1) :is provided for in Section 6.N.1 of our JCBA and provides for ½ credit for pay purposes, including premium and language pay, when applicable on an actual minute basis for all holding time in excess of thirty minutes beyond scheduled ground time or block arrival time. Holding pay is paid in addition to all other compensation. 

*Note: While it is preferred that the Purser on the pairing complete the holding pay form to request holding pay for the entire crew in an effort to avoid the submission of multiple requests for the same flight segment, there may be circumstances where it may be necessary for you to contact Crew Pay to resolve the missing compensation. It is our expectation the Crew Pay will be responsive to your request when you place the call to them. 

March 20, 2019 E-Lines publicationShort Crew Pay (Section 4.Q.):is intended to provide working crewmembers with additional compensation when staffing levels on a particular flight do not meet the established staffing guideline. 

Short Crew pay is paid automatically. Look for Short Crew Pay in your Pay Register in the pairing details after the pairing is completed. The status of all holding pay requests will be sent to you at your corporate (united.com) email address. 

If you have additional questions contact your Local Council office for assistance.

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