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Crew App – Origin Unknown. Use Care

Date: August 21, 2019

During the past week, many Flight Attendants and Union representatives are being notified of having been signed up for a crew app that is described to allow texting between Flight Attendants.

To our knowledge, this doesn’t appear to be a company app and may, in fact, be a third-party app. Because the origin of this app is unknown, we have security concerns as to how this company has obtained our names and telephone numbers. More importantly, we don’t understand how any information obtained as a result of downloading the app may be used. Our immediate impression is that once the app is download it may, in fact, use your contact list to further distribute the app without action on your part.

It is our strong recommendation that you not download this app onto your telephone. Some who have done so report that texting “STOP” to the text alert number will stop the notifications. We will be working to determine the origin of this app in the days ahead and will report our findings once they are available.

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