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Involvement Is Power- AFA Structure, Get Involved!

Date: August 23, 2019

MEC Communications Committee 

The power of our Union rests with each Member of AFA-CWA.  Our AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws defines a Union structure and policy that is often recognized as one of the most democratic in the labor movement. 

We recognize that not every Member is able or willing to attend every Union meeting or can be informed about every issue affecting United Flight Attendants. It is for this reason we have a representative democracy that ensures we have peers who can represent us in every issue.

Every three years we elect our Local Officers. You elect your Local AFA-CWA Officers including your Local President, Vice President, Secretary and Council Representatives. They are your peers as United Flight Attendants and based in your domicile. These are the people you go to when you have a question, when you need some assistance or when you want to suggest change.

Click Here to read moreabout the Structure of AFA and how a single Member has the power to bring forward ideas to change the direction of our Union, to elect the leaders of our Union and to hold any position within the structure of our Union.

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