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Purser Pay Rates

Date: August 28, 2019

Section 4.H

In the July 10, 2019 E-Lines publication we provided information on International Purser/Purser Pay rates which apply, in addition to regular compensation, for each credited flight hour and all ground holding time when performing in a Purser position on the specified aircraft/markets. 

It is important to be clear that the compensation defined in this section of  includes all Reserve Flight Attendants that are assigned to an International Purser position, and Reserves performing in a Purser position defined in the chart below: 

Aircraft Type

48 Contiguous United States & Canada

Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, Alaska & Hawaii

A319/320 and 737



B737-800, 900 and B-757



Widebody Aircraft




Additionally, when a Reserve picks up a trip on their day off, compensation will be paid as outlined in Section 4.H of our Contract.

Details are available in our Section 9.F.1 (page 111) and Section 4.H or by visiting www.unitedafa.org.  

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