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Reporting 2Hot 2Cold Instances – Get the App

Date: August 30, 2019


MEC Safety Health and Security Committee

Fall is just around the corner but for many of our bases the heat of the summer is still in full swing. Flight Attendants continue to report extremely hot aircraft cabins, especially when operating an afternoon or early evening flight.

Unfortunately, Flight Attendants & the passengers in our care face these extreme conditions all too often. In order to effect change, AFA needs data to help build a case to persuade regulators and legislators to establish airplane temperature standards industry wide that will ensure the safety of passengers and crew. To aid Flight Attendants in reporting temperature discrepancies and help AFA continue to collect necessary data we have made the “2Hot2Cold” App available for download to your smartphone or tablet. 

To download the app: 

From your smartphone or tablet, go to www.afacwa.org/2hot2cold, click on the appropriate link to download the app. 

Alternatively, in the App or Play Store, search for "2Hot2Cold." 

Additional information can be found on our website @unitedafa.org. Working together, we will end the scourge of 2Hot2Cold in air travel! 

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