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Attendance Bonus Point Application is Generated Automatically

Date: September 4, 2019

Recently Flight Attendants have inquired as to the process as to how previously earned bonus point(s) are applied to occurrences. It is important to understand that bonus points can be earned during designated holiday periods when a Flight Attendant following the outlined criteria. Once the bonus point has been generated the bonus point will remain in the Flight Attendant’s work history until her/his attendance generates an occurrence to be recorded in their work history record. 

** Note: There are certain situations where not all of the earned bonus points would be used. 
Example: A Flight Attendant has earned two bonus points in their work history. She/he is too ill to report for duty and calls out sick.  She/he would be assessed two (2) attendance points for the sick call. If that same Flight Attendant in question were to submit an approved note from her/his physician to their supervisor in the required time period, the attendance points would be reduced by ½ point to 1 ½ points for the occurrence.   Since bonus points are used on the first attendance point generating occurrence the remaining one and a half (1 ½ ) points would be covered by the existing bonus points. The Flight Attendant would retain a ½ bonus point credit for future application. 

Flight Attendants are encouraged to review their work history after each instance of an attendance or discipline occurrence to ensure the incidents are properly recorded to ensure any inaccuracies are corrected in a timely manner.  If you have questions about Attendance points, contact your Local Council office. 

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