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Layover Safety

Date: September 4, 2019

MEC Hotel and Transportation Committee

In a recent July’s E-Lines article we focused on layover safety . The article offered tools and suggestions to ensure your safety while at a layover point. While the information provided has protected Flight Attendants while they are away from home, the importance of keeping your personal belongings with you and secure at all times cannot be stressed strongly enough. We recommend the following:

·       Monitoring bags at all times when loading or unloading from the shuttle.

·       Keep bags next to you while signing in at the hotel desk.

·       Keep purses zipped or secured closed 

·       Stay vigilant to non-crew members approaching or hovering near the crew or their bags while waiting for rooms or the shuttle.

In the event your bags of purse are stolen while on assignment, it helps to have a list of the contents so that any affected ID or credit cards can quickly be cancelled. Your vigilance ensures the continued security for you and your crew.

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