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FAA Airmen Certification Card Replacement Clarification

Date: September 6, 2019

As a clarification to the information published in this past Tuesday’s edition of E-lines, Flight Attendants were directed to the FAA.gov website for detailed instructions to obtain a lost, stolen or misplaced FAA Airmen Certification Card.

In the event you are not aware of your FAA Airmen Certificate number, you may use your social security number to request the replacement according to the following procedures:

There are two ways to replace an airmen certificate.

  1. You can request a replacement certificate online. This method requires that you register with Online Services.
  2. Or you can mail: 

You must include a check or money order for $2 (U.S. funds), made payable to FAA, for each certificate you request.  For additional information visit FAA.gov website.

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