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Known Crew Member – Comply & Report! Use KCM Online Reporting Form

Date: September 14, 2019

Crew Members around the system, Flight Attendants and Pilots alike, continue to report inconsistencies in the processes employed by the TSA at the KCM check point.  While right now we understand the consistency we need to reliably report to work on time is not present, be assured representatives from our respective Unions are engaged in working to achieve this essential consistency.  We are pleased to report that representatives from the TSA in Washington, D.C. are working to finalize formal procedures for each instance where KCM can be used by crew members – with or without a uniform.

What you should not expect right now is consistency.  This includes consistency at the KCM check point and, if re-directed, at the passenger screening checkpoint where you may or may not be provided front of line access or be permitted to use employee entrances other than KCM.

However, in every instance, what you should do is comply and report these continuing discrepancies. Your consistent reporting of these discrepancies are essential in identifying problems where they exist.  We expect more formal procedures, which we expect will be consistently applied to be finalized.

Until then, be patient.  Follow directions. Comply and report using the online KCM reporting form.

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