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Required CBT Due Date of October 6th – Compensation Details

Date: September 25, 2019

On August 7, 2019 Inflight Management notified Flight Attendants of the required 6 module CBT series and its required completion date of October 6, 2019. The required CBT sessions can be completed all at once or broken up into smaller portions to accommodate each Flight Attendant’s unique learning style or scheduling constraints and can be accessed from a variety of devices including your Link, laptop, or desktop computer. Expect the training to take 3:30 minutes to complete.

Consistent with the requirements of Section 11.B.2. of our Contract, Flight Attendants will be paid one hour of flight time pay and credit for each three (3) hours of home study or training, prorated. This set of CBTs, once completed, will generate training pay of 1:10 flight time pay and credit. Once the modules have been completed during the month of September, compensation will be posted in your Pay Register no later than October 3, 2019. 

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