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Travel While on Sick Leave

Date: January 3, 2020


MEC Grievance Committee  

We continue to receive questions and requests for clarification as to the existence of any requirement for Flight Attendants to secure permission from a supervisor in order for her/him to utilize pass travel while on sick leave or Medical Leave of Absence.  We are finding that some of this confusion is resulting from inaccurate or misleading information that is being disseminated via social media.


For clarification purposes and from your official source of information, Flight Attendants are permitted to use their pass travel benefits  with no requirement to obtain prior approval from a supervisor. Depending on your status as an employee (active or inactive), travel may be limited to online travel and the ability for you to use the Cabin Jumpseat (CJA) may not be available.


However, it should also be noted that Flight Attendants utilizing travel while on sick leave or Medical Leave of Absence should be aware that management may legitimately question any use of travel that may be perceived as inconsistent with the reason for the illness. Further, management may require a Flight Attendant to provide satisfactory verification of an illness from an accredited physician should circumstance suggest that sick leave has not been appropriately used. 

The policy surrounding pass travel is detailed in the Working Together Guidelines.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Office.

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