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Wear the Official AFA-CWA White Pin

Date: January 3, 2020


MEC Negotiating Committee  

Our Union pin is not only a symbol of solidarity, but of our collective strength. While all the various ways we show strength and unity are important, wearing our AFA pin shows everyone, in the simplest and most direct way that we stand together as one group of Flight Attendants. Our power lies in our solidarity as a unified group of Flight Attendants having common interests and priorities. 

On January 20, 2020 our Negotiation will begin the Contract 2021 Listening Tour, officially launching the beginning stages of preparation for our early opener in August 2020. 
We ask everyone to get involved and to make a commitment to wear our official white AFA-CWA pin every time you go to work or attend training. This is the most powerful way we can demonstrate our commitment to each other and promote our unity as we stand strong together in support of our Contract 2021 Negotiations. 

White AFA pins are available in your Local Council office in the event you need a replacement. Contract 2021 - Get Behind your Pin!

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