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A Review of the Attendance Point System - When will Points Fall Off

Date: January 8, 2020

Attendance and dependability are tracked using an attendance point system and recorded in our electronic work history.

Flight Attendants should understand that “points are not discipline.” Points accumulate per occurrence and should be viewed as a form of an accounting system. As points accumulate, Attendance Warnings are issued at specific threshold levels outlined in the Contract. These warnings range from Attendance Warning 1 through Attendance Warning 4 and are the process through which discipline is issued based on the following schedule:

Point Accrual

Level of Discipline

Remains in Effect

Six (6) or more points in a rolling 12-month period

Attendance Warning 1

12 months of active service

Twelve (12) or more points

Attendance Warning 2

12 months of active service

Eighteen (18) or more points

Attendance Warning 3

18 months of active service

Twenty-four (24) or more points

Attendance Warning 4

24 months of active service

Thirty (30) or more points

Letter of Investigation issued for discharge

Once an Attendance Warning has been issued, it remains in effect for the time period specified above. A Flight Attendant whose Attendance Track expires shall exit the Attendance Track with zero points unless the Flight Attendant progresses to the next level of discipline. Points that trigger each warning will count toward the next point threshold.

An Attendance Warning 1 issued on January 15, 2019, would expire at the end of the day on January 14, 2020, assuming all of that time was active. Additionally, when a Flight Attendant exits a step of discipline, they exit with zero points. In other words, points fall off after a year from each infraction, if you haven’t reached an Attendance Warning.If you have reached an Attendance Warning, those points remain on your record for 12 months of active service for levels 1 and 2, 18 active months for level 3, and 24 active months for a level 4. Points fall off at the end of each designated period.

Additional information, including a copy of the Dispute Resolution, Attendance, and Performance Management Flight Attendant Guide with Q&A’s are available to download on unitedafa.org.

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