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Sign-up to Receive Contract 2021 Negotiations News

Date: January 10, 2020

Our new 
Contract 2021.org website and Negotiations News updates will keep you informed prior to andduring our upcoming negotiations. We know an informed, educated and mobilized Membership results in a successful negotiation. That’s a fact!  Contract 2021 Negotiations News will be used to communicate directly with you the details of our negotiations. Get your news first, and from the source you can trust, Negotiations News.

Sign up now and encourage all Flight Attendants to subscribe to Contract 2021 Negotiations News.Be the first to learn about proposed improvements to our next Contract that will be determined based on the priorities of the Membership. The best way to ensure you are up to date with all the latest Negotiations News is to receive all the latest news delivered directly to your inbox. We encourage you to sign up today.

For additional information visit our dedicated negotiations website: contract2021.org 

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