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E-Lines: January 14, 2020

Date: January 14, 2020

“ANY FA” Bid Position has Launched on Monthly Line Bid Screen

Effective with the current bidding period for the February 2020 bid month, there is an additional option on the Monthly Line Bid screen (in CCS) in the drop-down menu when position bidding.

Through this new enhancement, instead of selecting each Non-Purser/Non-Language bid position (FA01-FA06) that could exist in any given line of flying, Flight Attendants will have an easier way to select all Non-Purser/Non-Language bid positions with a single entry on the primary bidding screen in CCS. When the bidding window for February opened at 0800 HDT on January 12, 2019, this Non-Purser/Non-Language position became available for bid.

There will be no change to a Flight Attendant’s ability to bid a Line of Flying without specifying a specific position by selecting “ANY”, indicating the her/his choice of whichever position is available based on seniority/qualification during the bid process. 

Flight Attendants will also have the option to bid any Non-Purser/Non-Language position by bidding “ANY FA”. The “ANY FA” bid position will indicate the Flight Attendant is bidding for any available position EXCEPT for Purser and Language.

Contract Negotiations Survey Opens January 20, 2020

Our AFA Negotiating Committee is gearing up for our Contract 2021 Negotiations! We will be conducting a survey of the more than 25,000 United Flight Attendants to learn about those items which are important to you.

Flight Attendants have begun to receive the Flight Attendant Negotiations Survey at their domestic mailing address of record. Once you have received the survey, you will have the opportunity to participate electronically.

Take part in the survey, and encourage your fellow Flight Attendants to do the same! The survey opens January 20, 2020, 0800 CT and will close on March 6, 2020, 1600 CT.

Mark Your Calendars! Systemwide Listening Tour Begins January 20, 2020
MEC Negotiating Committee

Beginning January 20, 2020, our Negotiations Committee will be traveling to the twenty-three cities in which we have bases/satellites to meet with and listen to Flight Attendants in order to obtain information on your perspectives and your bargaining priorities. 

For additional information visit our new negotiations website:  contract2021.org

Sign-up to Receive Contract 2021 Negotiations News

Sign up now and encourage all Flight Attendants to subscribe to Contract 2021 Negotiations News. Be the first to learn about proposed improvements to our next Contract that will be determined based on the priorities of the Membership. The best way to ensure you are up to date with all the latest Negotiations News is to receive all the latest news delivered directly to your inbox. We encourage you to sign up today.

For additional information visit our dedicated negotiations website: contract2021.org

Day One 2020 Winter AFA United MEC Meeting

The Winter Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC) began in Chicago today. If you are in Chicago, we encourage you to stop by to witness our democratic process by attending the MEC meeting in progress. Summaries for each day of this meeting will be posted on our website.

The agenda for the 2020 Winter Regular Meeting has been posted on the MEC website.

Contractual Protections – Salary Continuation, Rapid Re-accrual & Medical Arbitration
MEC Benefits Committee

Flight Attendants on sick leave, medical leave or any Occupational absence should be aware of the salary continuation and rapid re-accrual options our Contract provides under Section 13. In a situation where, one is injured on the job, familiarity with the Occupational - Immediate Actions are essential in charting a course through the Occupational processes.

Of perhaps even greater importance is the need to know our rights when the time is right to return to work following an injury or illness. In the event a disagreement arises between United Medical and your physician about your ability to return to work, there are Contractual protections on which we can rely to protect our career.

Section 20.D. of the Contract provides Flight Attendants with the ability to request a review of her/his case. The request for any such review must be made in writing to Company Medical within thirty (30) days of being notified of the disputed decision by the Company's designated doctor. 

Following this review, if a disagreement persists, and the Flight Attendant remains unwilling to accept the findings of the Company's designated doctor and wishes to pursue Medical Arbitration, she/he will advise her/his Base Director/Base Manager in writing.

The Medical Arbitration process is specific and we recommend that you contact your Local Council Office for assistance in completing all steps of the process as required under the Contract.

Additional information is provided by our MEC Benefits Committee on our website where a dedicated page with information and resources are available for your review.

Central Schedule Committee (CSC) Reports – February 2020 Bid Month
MEC Central Schedule Committee

Central Schedule Committee’s most recent report detailing their activities in the development of the February schedule have been published on unitedafa.org. We encourage you to take some time to review these reports to gain a better understanding of how system schedules are developed.

Vacation Buy Back & 401(k) Deferral – Payments on February 1, 2020 Pay Advice
JCBA Section 12.D.

During the Election process for 2020 Vacation Bidding the Company offers a vacation buy back option, which allows a Flight Attendant to take pay in lieu of accrued vacation. Flight Attendants must opt to “sell” at least six (6) full days of accrued vacation.  Vacation days are “sold” back at a rate of three hours and fifteen minutes (3:15) of pay per day plus an incentive payment, which shall be determined and announced prior to the annual vacation bid. The hourly rate of pay used to determine the value of the Vacation buy back is based on each Flight Attendant’s individual rate of pay as of 12/01/19. Keep in mind that International Purser and Purser pay overrides are not included in the hourly rate of pay and do not apply to Vacation Buy Back payments.

In addition, Flight Attendants may elect to contribute a minimum of seven (7) days and a maximum of fourteen (14) days of paid vacation, accrued for use in 2020, into their 401(k) Savings Plan account or UK Stakeholder Group Plan. These payments will be included on the February 1, 2020 Pay Advice.

@afaunitedmec on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
MEC Communications Committee

Our efforts are directed at reaching every Flight Attendant and to provide platforms for our Membership to access information that is pertinent to our profession. E-lines is our twice weekly publication that is accessible from our website at www.unitedafa.org, which is our official source of information from the United Master Executive Council.

In addition, Your Local Council also produces a newsletter with information specific to your location. This information is published on a schedule determined by each Local Council.

In addition, we have referral sources of information which direct Members to the MEC website:

AFA United MEC Facebook Page

@AFAUnitedMEC Twitter


We encourage everyone to LIKE or FOLLOW any of our social media platforms to ensure that updates show up in your newsfeeds.

Please be sure you subscribe to E-lines as well as our new Contract 2021 Negotiations News! While some information may be available on our official MEC social media sites, receiving important information directly from us via email ensures you receive the information from a reliable source without guessing if you happened to scroll though social media sites.

2019 Reserve Christmas Wish List Statistics

A total of 282 Christmas Wish List (CWL) requests were granted to Reserves during the 2019 Wish List period consistent with the terms of our Contract.

As is our practice, we recognize those people behind the scenes who made the granting of these requests possible. Christopher Lee played a vital role to ensure the Wish List programing was up to date and Flight Attendant records were correctly uploaded.

In addition, we recognize the hard work and commitment of the Crew Scheduling personnel who manually reviewed and assigned the CWL requests that were granted system-wide. The following is a breakdown of the CWL requests awarded by location.

































The ability to award Christmas Wish List requests depends on the amount of Open Time available during the CWL period at each location. Also, since CWL is limited to evaluating layovers only, those locations with a higher percentage of turns assigned will not see as many Christmas Wish Lists awarded.

We also recognize our MEC Reserve Committee for their ongoing work in monitoring the Reserve assignment process during this period of time and for being available to support the process and address any automation issues that might arise.

The CAUSE Foundation® “Read and Relax StayCation” Paid Trip Drop Contest”

The CAUSE Foundation® is providing another paid trip drop contest!  This time all that is needed is for you to sign up to receive their quarterly E-Newsletter and read it!

Click to subscribe to The CAUSE Foundation® Newsletter.  

YOU WILL NEED TO USE YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS.  They are not able to accept your corporate email address. (eg: John.doe@united.com)

5 lucky winners will be awarded a paid trip drop.  This contest will run from January 1, 2020-June 30, 2020.

Since its inception, The CAUSE Foundation® has helped more than 1,000 United Airlines Flight Attendants. The grants awarded during that time equal more than 5.2 million dollars, donated by United Flight Attendants.

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