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Contractual Protections Salary Continuation Rapid Re-accrual Medical Arbitration

Date: January 15, 2020

MEC Benefits Committee

Flight Attendants on sick leave, medical leave or any Occupational absence should be aware of the salary continuation and rapid re-accrual options our Contract provides under Section 13. In a situation where, one is injured on the job, familiarity with the Occupational - Immediate Actions are essential in charting a course through the Occupational processes.

Of perhaps even greater importance is the need to know our rights when the time is right to return to work following an injury or illness. In the event a disagreement arises between United Medical and your physician about your ability to return to work, there are Contractual protections on which we can rely to protect our career.

Section 20.D. of the Contract provides Flight Attendants with the ability to request a review of her/his case. The request for any such review must be made in writing to Company Medical within thirty (30) days of being notified of the disputed decision by the Company's designated doctor.  

Following this review, if a disagreement persists, and the Flight Attendant remains unwilling to accept the findings of the Company's designated doctor and wishes to pursue Medical Arbitration, she/he will advise her/his Base Director/Base Manager in writing.

The Medical Arbitration process is specific and we recommend that you contact your Local Council Office for assistance in completing all steps of the process as required under the Contract.

Additional information is provided by our MEC Benefits Committee on our website where a dedicated page with information and resources are available for your review.

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