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AFA Special E-Lines

Date: January 24, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Yesterday, an AFA statement was issued in response to management’s decision to implement programming designed to restrict usage of CCS when, in their opinion, the activity appears to be BOT-like. Let there be no mistake, no part of this communication should be misconstrued to suggest or signal that your AFA Leadership approved of these programming changes. We were not involved in the design of the programming changes to monitor for BOTS nor was our approval or input sought. We made it clear to management that Flight Attendants must be able to access CCS to not only perform their essential job functions but to also exercise unlimited trading. In response to our objections, we were assured the programming that would result in a user being temporarily locked out of CCS would only occur in instances where BOT-like activity was detected and would not adversely impact non-BOT-like, that is human, Flight Attendant activity.

It is clear, based on the number of you who have reported you were locked out of CCS during the Open Trade Window, that management lacks an understanding of what actual Flight Attendant activity looks like when exercising our contractual right to trade. To the extent that management unreasonably curtailed the trading rights of those who should not have been curtailed, it is management who is responsible for those actions and an MEC Grievance will be filed today. 

While we support efforts to eliminate the actual use of BOTS and any other programming that creates an un-even playing field, as well as the necessity to maintain the integrity of the corporation’s computer systems, we do not support any action taken by management that interferes with a Flight Attendant’s contractual right to legally trade and adjust their schedule. What transpired yesterday is not only unreasonable, it is absolutely unacceptable. 

We have been in contact with management regarding this issue. It is clear, the programming algorithm put in place to prevent BOT-like activity or activity which is not humanly possible, needs to be adjusted to ensure it is only triggered by activity that is not humanly possible. Management has indicated their willingness to do so. We remain engaged with management to demand this issue be resolved. 

Management must also address the myriad of IT-related issues to which we have been subjected over the past 24-hours many of which are separate and distinct from the programming that was put in place to detect BOT-like activity and resulted in Flight Attendants being improperly locked out of CCS.

For those of you who were impacted by this most recent set of IT issues that affected your ability to trade and manage your work-life, we ask that you document these issues and continue to file Local Council Worksheets.

In Solidarity,

United Master Executive Council

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