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E-Lines: January 27, 2020

Date: January 27, 2020

Update on Coronavirus and Company Response

On Saturday, January 25th, Inflight Services communicated via an updated Safety Alert that the CDC has not made a recommendation for Crew members to wear face masks, however, if you have a concern while working a flight to/from China or Hong Kong, you are not restricted from wearing a face mask. While flights to/from the China and Hong Kong are currently the only flights on which the company is permitting Flight Attendants to wear a face mask, this in no way restricts a Flight Attendant from wearing a face mask while attending to an ill passenger and providing care for that passenger.

Face masks are available in the Chicago, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Newark, Washington-Dulles, and San Francisco Bases/Domiciles. Additionally, face masks are available in the blue Inflight Customer Kit as well as the Virus Kit.

Over the past week, demand for face masks around the world has increased. The blue Inflight Customer Kit and the Virus Kit are boarded round-trip out of hub locations. In order to ensure a sufficient supply of face masks are available onboard the aircraft for both segments, as well as the crew working the return segment, the preferred means of obtaining a mask is from one of the Bases/Domiciles listed above. Your next option is the blue Inflight Customer Kit and when that supply is exhausted, your last resort is the Virus Kit.

We are monitoring this situation as it develops and are continuing to coordinate with management and advocate on your behalf. We will keep you informed of any further developments.

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