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NAL Schedules Awarded at DEN, EWR and HNL

Date: October 13, 2020


The award of NAL Schedules was processed by Crew Schedule Planning today. NAL schedules were awarded in those bases where the number of Special COLA requests exceeded the number of Special COLAs set by management.  For the month of November, NAL Schedules were awarded to non-IVFMP participants at DEN, EWR and HNL


Those Flight Attendants awarded or assigned an NAL, will have their monthly schedule bid screen indicate NAL in the header.  


Flight attendants, including those in the IVFMP program who will be participating in the November schedule bid, will notice that NAL notification is missing from their bid screen. These individuals should bid in the normal monthly schedule bid process.  Bids close at 08:00 HDT on October 17.  


A CCS message was to have been sent to DEN, EWR and HNL participants, all IVFMP and Flight Attendants who bid into NAL in these bases.  The message will point out the award has been completed and will provide direction on how to determine if they have been awarded NAL for the month, using either the bid screen or the NAL screen in CCS.  


If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council.

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