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Everyday Counts: Take Action to #ExtendPSP Now!

Date: October 17, 2020

We recognize that our requests to Take Action may be seen as being repetitive in nature. While this may be the case, we simply cannot stress the importance of your continued action.  Your elected representatives in Washington D.C. need to hear from you. They need to clearly understand what we expect of them in this initiative.  In the most forthright, respectful and non-insulting way possible, they need to hear us tell them we are demanding that they “do their job” and act in the interests of the employees. This is not an airline bailout.  This is an economic initiative that is intended to keep our communities, country and world economies functioning. For them not to act on this, is simply not an option.

SENATE: 888-848-4824
HOUSE: 888-907-9365

"Hello, I am a constituent calling to tell my (Senator/Representative) that aviation workers are out of time. Furloughs have begun and we only have short time to reverse course. We need relief and an extension of the Payroll Support Program TODAY. Without an extension of this successful jobs program, there is no backstop for layoffs. This is just the start. Inaction is not an option. We are out of time #ExtendPSP now. Thank you.”

Join a #ReliefNow Action

#ExtendPSP actions across the country over the next few days. 

RSVP to an event below or host your own

October 16
Representative Dan Crenshaw #ReliefNow Event
11:00 AM
1849 Kingwood Drive
Kingwood, TX 
RSVP here >

October 17
Senators Chuck Schumer & Kirsten Gillibrand #ReliefNow Event
12:00 PM 
780 Third Avenue 
New York, NY 10017
RSVP here >

October 18
Chicago Aviation Workers for #ReliefNow 2.0
12:00 PM
Chicago Federal Center Plaza
50 W Adams St, Chicago, IL 60610
RSVP here >

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