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Process to be used in Return of Company Property via DHL Hits a Snag

Date: October 17, 2020

For those Flight Attendants based in the three international bases of FRA, NRT and HKG who are affected by the closure of their bases as well as domestic Flight Attendants residing in International cities who have been provided instructions to return company property via DHL have hit several bumps in the road when trying to use the process set up between United and DHL.  We’ve heard from many of you that you are experiencing problems when attempting to use the United/DHL process and DHL is providing a number of different explanations as to next steps.  In many cases, those instructions are increasing not only your frustration, but your concern about not meeting the October 30, 2020 return deadline that has been established by the company. 

We have had a number of conversations with management about the efforts that are underway to fix the DHL process.  In the meantime, we’ve shared our concerns about your inability to return the equipment.  Management has acknowledged that it is not reasonable to hold you to that deadline if the process established by the company does not support your efforts to meet the deadline.

Today, we have clearly established with management, if you are making the effort to return the equipment via DHL and are experiencing difficulties in doing so because of disruptions in the United/DHL process, management will not reasonably hold you to the October 30th deadline.

We will continue to press for a streamlined process that works and will communicate additional details on the DHL/United process as they become available.

For those in the United States, Federal Express has a process established for your use and reports indicate that this process if far more reliable. Unfortunately, there is not a FedEx process available for Flight Attendants residing in international cities to use.

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