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Involuntary Furlough Mitigation Program (IVFMP) – Pay Longevity Information

Date: October 22, 2020


As provided for under the terms of the Involuntary Furlough Mitigation Program (IVFMP) Letter of Agreement, Flight Attendant participants in the program who are placed on involuntary furlough or who elect to participate in the IVFMP will not accrue any seniority except for the purpose of flight attendant bidding.

What this means in practical terms is that these participants do not move through the salary progression steps, that is, years 1 – 13, during the period of participation in the IVFMP.  This information will be visible on the Flight Attendant’s individual pay register.

Because pay raises are applied by the system automatically with each advancing year, and in order to comply with these terms of the Letter of Agreement, Crew Pay will need to manually intervene to ensure the programmatic process of adjusting the employee’s rate of pay on their anniversary date, does not occur.

To this end, during the month in which the anniversary pay increase occurs, Crew Pay will make a manual adjustment to each affected Flight Attendant’s information to adjust the date on which the pay adjustment is due to the month prior.  Doing so will “trick” the system into understanding that no hourly pay increase is due the employee. 

As a consequence of this adjustment, the Flight Attendant’s pay register in CCS will adjust the pay seniority date, longevity years and hourly rate of pay to reflect the pay to which the employee is entitled under the terms of the Letter of Agreement. (Refer to the yellow highlighted fields below.)

This manual adjustment will need to be made each month for each class of Flight Attendants on their anniversary date.  Crew Pay is prepared to make the necessary adjustments to ensure Flight Attendant pay is consistent with the terms of the IVFMP Letter of Agreement. 

In addition, Flight Attendants in the IVFMP will advance through the vacation accrual steps, that is 12, 19, 26, 33 and 40 days using the same revised timeline under the Letter of Agreement.

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